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Friday - September 26, 2014.

I just released 2 NEW Videos on The Hoosier Craftsman WOODWORKING SHOPs YouTube Channel !
Fireplace Mantel videos are finished and have been uploaded to
 YouTube and are ready for viewing. Watch Here !
Plans  for  Project 1006, Statue Stand  are finished and will be posted SOON !  
Plan Size :  36" x 36"
Pages : 2

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Check out the NEW Article on Using Gel Stains  and Video on Finishing !
Journeyman / The Hoosier Craftsman
Victorian  Wall  Shelf / The Hoosier Craftsman
This piece was inspired by a Roycroft Magazine Stand.  A customer had seen a Roycroft Magazine Stand and  asked if I
could build the piece but change the dimensions.  The Roycroft piece was built from quarter sawn oak and thats what
the customer wanted as well.  I sold for nearly $40,000 at auction.  The Roycroft piece has been copied numerous times
by woodworders, it's a great piece to build.  I enjoyed building the piece and the customer was very happy and excited to
receive his new piece !
Victorian  Wall  Rack

I built a set of these Victorian Wall Racks for my sister as a Valentines Day gift. The one thing I love about building Wall
Racks is when people come to visit they always ask Where did you get that ? Wall Racks are great for displaying knick
knacks, collectibles and other items and add appeal to a room. I built these pieces from salvaged wood which I had
gotten free ! I finished th pieces with a dark color of liquid stain with 6 coats of a clear shellac followed by 6 coats of a
gel stain. I've built them in various styles and sizes. Wall Racks are one of my favorite pieces I enjoy building. Any
chance I get to build one I do.
Another good thing about woodworking is the ability to build great projects like cabinets.  I built the partition, cabinet that
3 pieces were 30" deep.  The bottom part of the pantry is a trash bend while the upper part has pull out drawers for
easy access.   The best part about building these pieces was applying the finish.  I applied a base coat of liquid stain
followed by 6 coats a clear shellac followed by 10 coats of 3 different colors of
gel stain.  The doors and fronts are solid
Cherry and the sides and back are Cherry plywood.  The right side of the pantry has panels of solid Cherry as well.  The
customer preferred that I did not use any particle board, composition board or any other material other than Cherry.  
The gratifying part is the home owners are happy and excited with there new pieces.
As Woodworkers we earn a sense of accomplishment when we take a project from a sketching, hand-picking the lumber, ripping, shaping the material,
assembling, sanding and apply the perfect finish to compliment the piece.  Wood selection and finishing is just as important as the construction, techniques
and craftsmanship of your piece.  As woodworkers we also take pride in every piece we build, from an easy to build project to a tough project we develop,
learn and grow as woodworkers every step of the way.  Learning new techniques, types of woods, finishes is all part of the excitment and fun woodworking
brings to us.  

When it comes to Birthdays and Holidays or just an everyday gift, theres nothing more gratifying than the accomplishment of building a project and giving it
as a special gift to family and friends.  The extra time and thought spent on your project will become a gift "treasured" for years to come.
Classic  Wall  Shelf  Plans / The Hoosier Craftsman
Coffee  Table / The Hoosier Craftsman
Greek  Wall  Rack / Woodworking / The Hoosier Craftsman
The Hoosier Craftsman Shop Drawings are hand-drafted focusing on the detail of each piece of the
project ensuring accuracy and ease of use. Each
Shop Drawing is simple to understand, easy to follow and has
that personal touch that every project needs.  
The Hoosier Craftsman Shop Drawings include assembly
instructions, rough and finish size, material list and specific detailed instructions to fabricate each piece of the
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Woodworking :  Colonial Wall Rack / The Hoosier Craftsman WOODWORKING SHOP
What is the difference between woodworking plans and Shop Drawings ??
Woodworking Plans are very basic in design and can lack the important detailed measurements and skip over
important parts. The lack of proper details are very frustrating and disappointing especially when building your
project. Their diagrams are often confusing and unclear. Having to read and re-read a bunch of instructions can
be quite long and time consuming.

Shop Drawings are Professionally Fabricated Drawings geared to focus on the overall emphasis on views and
attention on each piece of the project.  This helps develop the insight and the ability to evaluate a project also
helping keep the project organized.  
Shop Drawings are used in commercial and residential construction and
mechanical engineering for their accuracy and precision.
The Hoosier Craftsman Shop Drawings
Here are 2 of the newest videos ! On Saturday September 6th I will releasing another video on " Elongating Holes ". I have a lot of other great videos I am
working as well as other great videos on woodworking projects to help you with your woodworking.  

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