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The  Hoosier CraftsmanTM
The  Hoosier CraftsmanTM
Happy  &  Safe  Woodworking !
Woodworking  is  a  FUN  hobby  to  learn,  teach  and  pass  on !  So learn it and pass it on !
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Woodworking   by   Master Craftsman / Master Carpenter  Edward Short
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Why use a Router ? What  can the Router be used for ?  
Learn tips and techniques on Routering and Read
Using a Router
Woodworking  Plans   

Shipping charge with in the United States is  $1.00 - International Shipping is  $5.00

I am currently working on the Full Length Instructional DVDs for each project.  
The Full Length episodes will be in the range of 45 minutes to 1 and half hours !  
So come back by and check them out !

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Colonial  Wall  Rack ,  3 - Tier  Plant  Stand ,   Greek  Wall  Rack,   Edward  Bookcase

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Colonial Wall Rack / Woodworking / The Hoosier Craftsman
Greek  Wall  Rack / Woodworking / The Hoosier Craftsman
The  Enjoyment  of  Woodworking
Park  the car in the drive way, clean out the garage, get the tools out, get a set of plans, a cup of coffee and enjoy a day in the
shop!  Woodworking is a
gratifying hobby, passion and profession of mine I've enjoyed for 20 years.  As woodworkers we earn a
sense of accomplishment when we take a project from a sketching, to hand-picking the lumber, ripping and shaping the material,
assembling the project, then applying the right finish.  Every step of the way our efforts show the pride which our piece is built with.   
From an easy to build project to a tough project we develop, learn and grow as woodworkers. Whether you're a beginner or an
advanced woodworker, detailed plans are an essential part when building any project.

It's always
gratifying and exciting when you start and complete a new project, especially when you give it as a gift and the see the
enjoyment it brings.  Birthdays and Holidays are always right around the corner and there is no greater pride than the enjoyment your
piece is a Cherished Heirloom.  Whether I'm building a piece for a client, friend or for family I am always looking forward to time in the
shop !  
Woodworking is a fun hobby to learn, teach and pass on !  So learn it and pass it on !

Happy & Safe Woodworking !
Each  Piece  is  inspired  by  a  Story
Journeyman / The Hoosier Craftsman
Victorian  Wall  Shelf / The Hoosier Craftsman

Over 20 years of woodworking I've had fun and I am still having fun woodworking.  I've built some pretty cool projects for family,
friends and customers.  With a few tools, table saw, scroll saw and a  router with a few bits I began building various projects.  It
wasn't long before I had request to build one of a kind projects !  Over the years I gained experience and upgraded my table saw and
added a couple of tools, a planer and joiner.  The request never stop coming in and I always look forward to new projects.

This piece was inspired by a Roycroft Magazine Stand.  A customer had seen a Roycroft
Magazine Stand and  asked if I could build the piece but change the dimensions.  The Roycroft
piece was built from quarter sawn oak and thats what the customer wanted as well.  I finished
the piece with a base original Roycroft piece had sold for nearly $40,000 at auction.  The
Roycroft piece has been copied numerous times by woodworders, it's a great piece to build.  I
enjoyed building the piece and the customer was very happy and excited to receive his new
piece !
Victorian  Wall  Rack

I built a set of these Victorian Wall Racks for my sister as a Valentines Day gift. The one thing I
love about building Wall Racks is when people come to visit they always ask Where did you
get that ? Wall Racks are great for displaying knick knacks, collectibles and other items and
add appeal to a room. I built these pieces from salvaged wood which I had gotten free ! I
finished th pieces with a dark color of liquid stain with 6 coats of a clear shellac followed by 6
coats of a dark gel stain. I've built them in various styles and sizes. Wall Racks are one of my
favorite pieces I enjoy building. Any chance I get to build one I do.

Another good thing about woodworking is the ability to build great projects like cabinets.  I built
the partition, cabinet that goes above the refrigerator and the pantry on the right.  All 3 pieces
were 30" deep.  The bottom part of the pantry is a trash bend while the upper part has pull out
drawers for easy access.   The best part about building these pieces was applying the finish.  I
applied a base coat of liquid stain followed by 6 coats a clear shellac followed by 10 coats of 3
different colors of gel stain.  The doors and fronts are solid Cherry and the sides and back are
Cherry plywood.  The right side of the pantry has panels of solid Cherry as well.  The customer
preferred that I did not use any particle board, composition board or any other material other
than Cherry.  The gratifying part is the home owners are happy and excited with there new
Plan  Sizes & Costs.
18" x 24" - $ 9.50
24" x 36" - $ 10.50
30" x 36" - $ 11.50
Shipping & Handling charge with in the United States is  $ 1.00
Shipping & Handling out side of the United States is  $ 5.00
Plans vary in sizes due to how many pieces are required to make the project.
From an easy to build project to a tough project, we develop, learn and grow as woodworker's.  
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced woodworker, detailed plans are an
essential part when
building any project.
 The Hoosier Craftsman Woodworking  Plans, make it easy and simple to
build each project.  The Measured Plans include easy to follow detailed assembly instructions, a
material list, notes, details, close ups and specifications.  Each Project is hand drafted to ensure
precision, accuracy, clarity and ease of use.
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